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Video presentation "San Marino, your business partner" created by the Agency for Economic Development - Chamber of Commerce (in English).

Key facts

- About 5,000 economic operators in various sectors
- 2,675 companies
- 19,969 employees
- 1,712 self-employed workers
- About 2,000,000 tourists a year

Court for Trusts and Fiduciary Relations, San Marino Innovation, Civil Aviation and Maritime Navigation Authority, Trademarks and Patent Office, University of San Marino. Whatever your business idea, the Agency for Economic Development - Chamber of Commerce welcomes, accompanies and supports you through a wide range of bodies and institutions, protects industrial property, manages innovation ecosystems.

- Rapid decision-making process: a "short chain" joins the entrepreneur with San Marino institutions, translating innovative applications and ideas into an appropriate regulatory context.

- Lively entrepreneurial fabric: small and medium enterprises coexist with international excellence: from industry to commerce, from agriculture and crafts to tourism, financial services and high added value sectors.

- Fully integrated in the international context - San Marino boasts numerous bilateral and multilateral agreements and a well-structured diplomatic and consular network. These elements, combined with state sovereignty and small territorial size, facilitate contact between businesses and the rest of the world.

- Commitment to transparency - The important commitment to the process of internationalization and compliance with the highest international standards in the field of transparency has led the country to enter a wide network of agreements in the tax area. Currently, 23 agreements against double taxation (DTA), 30 agreements on the exchange of information on tax matters (TIEA), 8 agreements on investment promotion and protection (PPI) are in force.

San Marino is not only an ideal place for the settlement of economic activities but a real paradise for entrepreneurs and families:
- life expectancy among the highest in the world;
- universal and free healthcare system;
- high level of security and one of the lowest crime rates in the world;
- fibre optic cabling of the entire territory being completed;
- state-of-the-art infrastructure for all sports and access to international and world championships.

A favourable geographical position, high-quality services and products, excellent potential for economic and technological development and a competitive tax regime make the Republic of San Marino a solid partner for the implementation of new business initiatives.


- Foreign nationals may purchase a maximum of n.2 real estate units. The purchase of property covered by a leasing contract is not permitted;

- Comanies establied under San Marino law, may purchase a maximum of n. 10 real estate including properties covered by a leasing contract;

- The purchase of real estate units or portions of them exceeding the numbers above requires the prior authorisation of the competent institutional body.


Competitive tax system
- The General Income Tax for companies is equal to 17% of tax profit;

- To new business activities San Marino recognizes a tax exemption of 50%, equal to 8.5% of the profit, the exemption from the payment of the license issue tax and the renewal tax for the following three years;

Additional incentives for all business activities:
- reduction of taxable income from 40 to 90% up to an amount equal to investments in capital goods or real estate;

- deduction of tax losses from taxable income (up to 80% of income);

- fully deductible costs with few limitations;

- dividends paid to individuals taxed at 5%;

- royalties paid to non-residents taxed at 20%.


The indirect tax rate on goods and related services imported into the territory by economic operators, called import tax or "single stage tax", is 17%. The tax is refunded if goods are subsequently re-exported. To certain categories (e.g. food, medicines, etc.) different rates are applied (e.g. 2%, 6%).


Choosing San Marino for the establishment of a new company means benefitting from low-interest loans for new economic activities and for the qualification, diversification and consolidation of existing companies.

Subsidised credit can be applied for over a period of 2 years and for a maximum of 2 projects:

- Up to € 1 million for industrial activities;

- Up to € 500 thousand for service activities, craft or commercial;

- Maximum duration of the loan 5 years;

- Interest subsidy from the State equal to 70% of the rate agreed with the credit institutions.


Trade between the European Union and the Republic of San Marino is exempt from all customs duties, including taxes having equivalent effect, under the Agreement on Cooperation and Customs Union which entered into force in 2002.

Trade with EU countries

Shipments to and from Italy travel free and without special customs procedures. Italy and San Marino use the same postal and courier system. The goods purchased by San Marino operators in EU countries other than Italy must arrive accompanied by T2 or T2L Community transit customs documents and be presented immediately to the authorised forwarding agents for the completion of import customs formalities. Goods intended for export to EU countries other than Italy must be presented at the authorised forwarding agents for the completion of customs exit formalities.

Trade with non-EU countries

Goods purchased by San Marino operators in non-EU countries must undergo the customs formalities at the Italian customs authorized for the Republic of San Marino. The goods physically present in San Marino and intended for export to non-EU countries must be presented to the authorised forwarding agents for the customs formalities. Once goods exported from San Marino reach the Italian customs office of destination, they must be presented to the competent customs authorities for regularisation purposes. The amounts of duties are the same as those established for EU countries.


The Economic Development Agency- Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of San Marino issues San Marino companies with the non-preferential Certificate of Origin, a document that accompanies products to be exported abroad and certifies the origin of the goods, i.e. the place where the goods underwent their last substantial processing or transformation. In addition, the Agency affixes the storage visa, the visa of conformity of signature and authentication of signature on documents for export. The physical control of the goods, where necessary, is carried out by the Tax Office or by the Guardie di Rocca together with the authorised forwarding agents.


San Marino guarantees a regulatory and operational environment favourable to innovation ecosystems. San Marino Innovation offers a Startup Programme and acts as an Incubator to support high-tech companies.


- Tax relief for a total period of 12 years;

- Reduction of share capital (from €1 to €20,000);

- Exemption from licence fee for SAT I (Startup) and SAT II (Early Growth);

- Possibility for foreign companies to create spin-offs in San Marino;

- Residence for directors and stay permits for all employees and family members;

- Liberalisation of term contracts and casual and ancillary employment relationships;

- Possibility to remunerate collaborators and employees with equity instruments;

- Tax exemption of capital gains from the sale of shareholdings;

- Possibility to create consortia specialized in technological research and development;

- Tax incentives for investments made by legal entities and individuals;

- Possibility of setting up Incubators, Accelerators and Certified Scientific and Technological Parks;

- Possibility of obtaining the status of “Certified Partner”.