The Government, executive power of the State, is made up of a maximum of 10 Ministers, appointed by the Parliament, as a rule, from among its members.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Economic Cooperation and TelecommunicationsLuca
Ministry of Internal Affairs, Civil Service, Institutional Affairs and Relations with Township Councils; PeaceElena
Ministry of Finance, Budget and TransportMarco
Ministry of Industry, Handicraft and Trade, Technological Research, Regulatory Simplification Fabio
Ministry of Territory and Environment, Agriculture, Civil Protection and Relations with the Public Works State CorporationStefano
Ministry of Health and Social Security, Social Affairs, Welfare, Political Affairs, Equal Opportunities and Technological Innovation> Roberto
Ministry of Education and Culture, University and Scientific Research, Youth Policy Andrea
Ministry of Justice and FamilyMassimo Andrea Ugolini
Ministry of Labour, Economic Planning, Sport, Information and Relations with the State Public Utilities CorporationTeodoro
Ministry of Tourism, Posts, Cooperation and ExpoFederico Pedini Amati

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